Tutorial #9 - Filter & Organise your research

Any new content which you create is tagged as New Content. 

You will notice that the New Content Red Radio Button is on. That means that this content is New Content.

The purpose of this feature is that when lawyers are conducting legal research, they will save a lot of material all at once. They don’t have time to sort through and organise the material.

In Casenoter, all that material will go onto the Work Center as New Content, clearly identified as being material which needs to be sorted, filed away or organised in some way – all things that you can do on Casenoter.

To close the Case Extract and return to the Work Centre click on the Back Arrow at the top left corner of your Case Extract. That will take you back to where you came from – back to the Work Center.

There are lots of things you can do on your Work Center but the one covered in this Tutorial is the Filter by New Content.

On your Work Centre you will notice that each of the content you have created has a Red Dot – it is New Content.

You will also notice that the Red Radio Button next to “Filter by New Content” is “off”.

Switch the Red Button to “on” and that means that all the Content you are seeing on the Work Center is New Content only.

My Work Center can become crowded with New Content. When you organise an item into a Binder or Matter then switch the New Content red button off on that content item.

That way you can filter the content on your Work Center with the Filter by New Content since new content is always flagged with the New Content flag by Casenoter.

There are also lots of other ways to filter content on the Work Center, but we will deal with those in later Tutorials.