My Work Centre


Filter by Tag

Do you want to create your own system of keeping track of your research material

Then create a Tag and add it to your content 

Then you can filter by your own Tag on My Work Center

Filter by Area of Law

Ever wanted to find everything you have found for a particular Area of Law 

Then filter all your research material by Area of Law

Filter by Action Required

Have you ever come across a law case you have saved that relates to a Matter - but can't remember which Matter 

Add the Action Required tag - and it is filtered on My Work Centre

Then link it to the Matter

Filter by New Content

All New Content you have added to Casenoter is added to My Work Center

It is automatically tagged as New Content with a Red Dot.

Then filter My Work Center by New Content



Create a matter for a client

Add your research material to the matter (Linking)

Make sure that you don't forget that important case for your matter


Create a binder for any topic or subject you wish

Add your research material to the binder (Linking)

Keep all your research material organised

Flexible Linking

Link your research material to multiple matters

Link your research material to multiple binders

Link your matters and binders to each other

No more choosing where to file - no more copying or moving - just link


My Library

Never lose what you have spent hours researching

All your research material is saved in your own personal My Library 

Browse and Search My Library to find all your material

Global Library

Share your material - and help Casenoter share the load with others

Choose to add your material to the Global Library and enhance your profile

Group Library

Do you belong to a private group - or want to share research material in your firm or chambers

Then ask Casenoter to create a private Group Library

Make it easy for you to help your friends - and for them to help you

Search Library

Search all the Casenoter Libraries to find Research Material  

Find content created by you - your colleagues and the whole Casenoter Community

All your hard work is never lost 

Browse Library

Use the power of the Casenoter Topic Tree

Don't know exactly what you are looking for, then just browse by Area of Law, Legal Topic or Keyword

You will soon find the material you are looking for

Link to My Workcenter

When you find useful material it can be linked to your own matters and binders and will then appear on your Work Center.


Case Extracts

When you are searching on Austlii do you ever find a part of a case that you want to keep

Then clip it with the Casenoter clipper

It is then added as a Case Extract on My Work Center to be organised and referenced

Saved Searches

Have you ever conducted a search on Austlii with set parameters - keywords, jurisdictions and courts

And wanted to save that search to repeat at a later time

Then you can save the search as content in Casenoter

You can link it to a matter, add it to a Binder, give it a Keyword. Its in My Library

Case Links

Only want to save the link to a law case without the need to print it, or save it as a PDF

Then you can create a link to the case as a Case Link

Your Case Link is saved into Casenoter with a link back to the case when you need it 


Need somewhere to make notes

Create a Work Pad and jot down your thoughts and ideas

It is great for making notes on a particular legal topic or client matter

You can then add Keywords to the WorkPad and add it a Binder or Matter


Do you have a lot of law cases, law articles, legislation all saved in PDFs on your computer

You don't have to move them into Casenoter - keep them on your computer

But upload them into Casenoter and use all the Casenoter features to manage your research material



Provide context and understanding by adding a Description

Keep track of all your research material

Need to be reminded why you saved a law case in the first place

Then give your case a description 

What you add is up to you


Want to make a comment on any material which has been shared with you

Want to help your colleagues - then add a comment

And keep up to date and share your knowledge with others


Do you want to add Keywords to  your research material 

Keep your material indexed and easy to find for future reference

Then add Keywords to your content in Casenoter.

Then filter by Area of Law and browse Libraries using Keywords

Topic Tree

Topic Tree

Ever wanted to have all your research material indexed so it is easily found

Casenoter has a central database of legal keywords all grouped under Area of Law and Legal Topics

Add a Keyword from the Casenoter Topic Tree to any of your legal research material 

Topic Tree Builder

We all want to organise and index research material our own way

Then add a Keyword or Legal Topic of your own to your material

And help build a better Casenoter Topic Tree


Austlii Search

Don't change the way you search Austlii

Search Austlii exactly the same - but do it through Casenoter

Gain all the added features that Casenoter provides - Case Extracts and Case Links

Assisted Search 

Add keywords from the Topic Tree

Select jurisdictions and courts to search

Run the Search using your own Search Parameters

Saved Search 

Do you ever want to save your search criteria to do it all again when needed

Save your Search Parameters -  Keywords, jurisdictions and courts - as content into Casenoter

Then run your search again 



Need some help with your legal research - want to share the results of your long hours of searching

Then share your legal research easily with colleagues 

Make their life easier - and they will help you - share the workload

Share your Matters 

Do you work with a colleague on a client matter 

And want to know what they have found

Then create and share a Matter in Casenoter - and collaborate on your legal research

Your shared Matter is found on Shared with Me

Share a Binder  

Do you want to collaborate on a particular legal topic that you are interested in

Then share a Binder - and save time by sharing your legal research

If someone shares a Binder with you - then check out Shared with Me 

Global Library

Want to share your research material with the world

Would you like to build your presence in the legal community

Then choose to add some of your legal research to the Global Library 

And share your knowledge with others using Casenoter

Group Library

Belong to a group who talk about law

Work at a law firm where you share your legal research

Want to share law cases with others 

Then ask Casenoter to create a private Group Library for you and your friends

Invite Others

Want to share and work with others who are not members of Casenoter

Not a problem

Invite them as a Guest Member of Casenoter - free for 6 months

And help build the Casenoter Community so we can all help each other