Tutorial #8 - Clip parts of a law case - save as Case Extracts

This is the last of the content which you can add into Casenoter. We have covered Work Pads, Work Docs, Saved Searches and Case Links. Now we are going to look at Case Extracts.

Saving and organising extracts which were saved from many cases over the years, copying and pasting them into all sorts of books and binders, using little card systems and trying to share them with other barristers …. the frustration finally got to the founder of Casenoter, who then decided to create a computer program to do it for me. So, Case Extracts is the reason why Casenoter was created in the first place.

Who wants to read the whole case, when you can read a snippet of it … that is all you really need. It is even better when someone else has done it for you, but now you will have to learn how to do it for yourself.

From your search results select the case that interests you. Scroll through the case and find the good bit – the bit that you need!

Click on the little camera in the top left of your screen and up pops the little handles to shift around on the screen so that you can clip with the scissors what you really want.

Give your Case Extract a name to remember it by and press Save.

The Case Extract is saved to your Work Center.