Tutorial #3 - Create a Matter for a client

We all have clients, or most of us do, and we all have research material which relates to a particular matter. Casenoter allows you to link any content which is in Casenoter to a Matter for future reference.

Step 1.

Click on the plus button next to My Matters . . . up comes the dialogue box and you can name your matter and you are all done, you have created your first Matter in Casenoter.

Step 2. 

Now you can link the content you have created to your matter. Click on the WorkPad you created in the previous Tutorial, and you can link the WorkPad to your Matter.

Step 3

You can do the same with the WorkDoc which you created and link that document to the same Matter. This is one way that you can link your content to a Matter.

Go to your My Matters screen and click on the Matter you have created and there is the material you have linked to that client Matter.

You can then open each of the content you have added to the Matter. 

Note that you are not moving the documents or even copying them. You are linking them to the Matter. That means that you can link the same documents to other matters at the same time.