Tutorial #10 - Share Binders and Matters

If you would like to share a Binder with another user, then it is very easy. Let's show you how.

Go to the Binder which you have created in the previous tutorial. Click on the Binder which will open, showing all the content you have added to the Binder.

Now go to the top right-hand corner of your screen and you will see Share. Click on Share and up will pop a dialog box where you can invite people to collaborate with you on that Binder.

You will need to type in the email address that they used to register onto Casenoter.

It is necessary that you use the exact email address including the upper and lower cases used by the other user to register onto Casenoter. You might need to ask them.

Press the plus button next to the email address the other user will be added to your Binder.

If another user has shared one of their Binders with you, then their Binder is added to the Shared with Me screen.

Now you are up and running with sharing the burden. Start to use Casenoter to collaborate with colleagues on Casenoter so that you can help other lawyers to help you.