Welcome to Casenoter

Casenoter is a new product. We would like your input to help determine its future direction and features. 

This new App is being released to members of the legal community who are Early Adopters of new and innovative technology. 

Are you interested in using the Casenoter App in your day to day work and providing feedback? 

if so...

Save and organise

Upload Advices, Law Cases, Articles and Seminar Papers

Organise by adding Keywords into Areas of Law and Legal Topics 

Link content to Binders to organise into areas of interest 

Link critical documents to Matters for better understanding of your client files

Share and collaborate

Share Binders with colleagues to share knowledge on topics of interests 

Share Matters to collaborate with colleagues working on critical client documents

Organise your legal research with the assistance of a team 

Add your content to the Global Library to share with the Casenoter Community

Browse and Find 

Easily retrieve content in the Casenoter Libraries when required

Browse content in My Library using Keywords added to content

Find matching content shared by the legal community in the Global Library

Help others to help you in saving, organising and sharing legal knowledge